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I did not finish the Month of Monsters, but I felt some of my monsters were pretty ok. But now that it is November.. I just can't find my art. I have sketched a lot over the weekend, but I'm just unhappy with what I got! I know pushing through problems like this usually leads to a real improvement, right? I hope?
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If you are wondering why I have posted so many "sort of quickie" sketches of monsters, it's because I am participating in thefuzzyslug's Month of Monsters, which is found over here:…

It's great fun, though I am liking some of my entries more than others (as always).
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I was on vacation out west (Utah, Arizona, Nevada) I flew into Las Vegas, then went out to view canyons, and canyons, and even more canyons - many photos of canyons will be coming!
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I had a birthday! Thank you for the well-wishes! :wave:
Ice cream cake has been consumed, and the birthday money... is in the bank.
Boring huh? I am saving it for now. 
Actually I'm going on vacation to Bryce Canyon next week, so you should have PHOTOS OF ROCKS.

It's not too late to draw me art for my birthday. *innocent look* :lol:

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I really am drawing stuff. I'll post a bunch of stuff soon.

Oh and... hi there! :wave:
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Hi there!
I have been 1) frustrated with my job, and looking for another one.
2) Trying to firm up how I draw Doc Gestalt so that I can draw her annoying the (awesome) Iakov Drobievski (go click here and admire the hairs… )
3) Forcing myself to finish filling up two sketchbooks of mine before I invest in any more sketchbooks. This is also spurred by #1, since that is cutting into my funds. And also, well, because I have more half-filled sketchbooks than a day has months.
4) Trying to fix up bad metaphors because days do not have any months.
5) Needing more coffee.
6) Reading the collected works of E. Nesbit, which you should too.…
7) Making major life decisions based on #1 (I think I am going to learn some more software packages, God willing, which should help me find another job. Because the answer to every problem is generally "learn more stuff" if you ask me.)
8) Being killed by :iconbystillwaters: and :iconthefuzzyslug: in repeated games of Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer.
9) Drawing "Ask Spin" stuff.
10) Anxiously waiting for the sculpting book I pre-ordered from to arrive

He is risen indeed!

I shall randomly add, go read this…, because :iconziblink: is an excellent author, not to mention she treats me very well in this short story.
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I actually answered two!
I didn't color the art, but so far so good.

Trying this can only improve my art. I really need the improvement, too!
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I may regret this, but you can ask Spindrift a question at

(But Spindrift is G and PG only! ;) )
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I had a good Christmas. I actually remembered to read Luke's account of Christmas on the day we celebrate Christmas this year. I know many people have that tradition, but I don't always. It was good to just sit and read it, and ponder how Mary and Joseph felt.
Today I stayed home from work, recovering from the instant and complete case of GI type flu I had yesterday (fortunately only a 24 hr thing), and watched "Indie Game: The Movie" which was interesting (but had too many swear words).I can't say it made me want to quit my job and design games - it looks like the work is grueling, and alienating, and tough.
I am watching an anime series called "Mushishi" and I am totally in love with it. triptychr convinced me to watch it. Blame him.
It's a sort of "supernatural mystery investigation" show but it is nothing like that genre, because that description makes me think of "Fringe" and "X-files" and "Dresden Files". This is much more green, and natural, and set in a sort of early-era Japan, and it doesn't really ever explain anything as much as you'd like it to. The art is beautiful, very Miyazaikiesque, and the stories are occasionally a little grotesque (in the "energy slime pouring out of his eyes" sort of way, etc.) but they are beautiful and melancholy and life goes on, and the endings are generally happy/optimistic.
I'd like to get the manga, but it's one of those series where they go out of print and are now $$$ and I don't know why someone doesn't just print a few on demand.  So I may end up reading scans online.
But it makes me want to draw, and tell stories.

I am thinking on getting rid of some of my jewelry making supplies. The market is flooded, and I don't want to compete with everyone in the world who is making the same jewelry I am making (that's most of why you haven't seen much from me lately). Also then I would focus more on sketching and sculpting stuff. Which I guess I already am.
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I'm so happy that I finished my 30 characters in 30 days!
Augh. November.

My goal was to do "better" than last year, and I really think I did it, and that is an encouragement, because usually I look at my art and say "how come everyone else improves except me?" and this time I actually saw improvement. I'm like, in tears.

Anyway, how are you all?

Wait, where are you anyway?

Anyone out there?

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All that stuff I said about art coming soon?
Yeah it is still coming soon.
I am actually drawing art, I just haven't posted it yet.

AND I am going to do the "30 Characters Challenge" come November - anyone else going to do it?

Maybe in November I will get around to renewing my sub.
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The wonderful :iconbystillwaters: gave me a copy of Howl's Moving Castle (the novel)!
If you did not read the book, you should at least watch the film! Both are so different, and excellent!
The wonderful :icongeodekl: gave me a copy of Minecraft!
But after playing around and then looking at a different friend's Minecraft sculptures, I don't think it's the game for me. I'd rather spend that much time on a clay sculpture that more people can enjoy in real life!

I have some Autumn/Halloween themed art in the works.

Today is the last day of my dA subscription, but I will probably renew it - I like all of you :)
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Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday. :)
I spent it in the Everglades, on a Florida vacation, and took a ton of pictures - I will post the best ones soon!
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I am currently on vacation in Florida. In fact, I went to the NASA Kennedy Space Station today! But I will be back soon.. And I will check my messages. :salute:
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Look art!

More art to come.
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I really am working on some art, really.
I just didn't post it yet.
Anyway... have some photos in the meantime.
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To all the 9,000,000 people who just changed their user names, if you did anything more than change the capitalization*, I now have NO IDEA WHO YOU ARE.

Thank you.

*Except thefuzzyslug who used a name she uses elsewhere. You are exempt.
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Once upon a time I was trying to come up with a Darkwing Duck fandom OC, and I finally came up with the beginnings of a suitably horrible character name: Meteorologist Gail Farce.   Strangely enough, spell-check tried to change "Meteorologist" to "Kremlinologist" so, SHUSH may be after her already.

But I am a long way from having a solid character idea...  Except that, in accordance with all my usual OC preferences (can you say "rut"?), she is some sort of Duckverse-style dragon [… ] with an affinity for the wind (hence the terrible name). That is plenty weird enough, when trying to fit into St Canard, even if you are trying to be a mundane weatherman or something of the sort.  

Anyway, if anyone wants to help me brainstorm Gail (in comments or notes or something, I'm flexible), I appreciate input.
I have a few ideas, and they are appropriately silly. :)
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I found a car! I should have it by Monday.
It's a Civic, and, of all the cars I test drove, the only one that made me excited about buying a car.
If I'm going into this much debt, I want to be excited about it! :shakefish:

Also I'm SO EXCITED because I finished those dragons.
Explorer and his Bride by NycterisA
I was dragging my feet on those and it took forever. Whew.

And I even finished this one too:
Special Delivery by NycterisA

Now on to the NEXT project...

Ooo what shall I do next?
Perhaps some jewelry...

PS. I have been trying to exercise - I joined  a site called FITOCRACY ( and I love it to bits.
If you join, please tell me your user name! I'll friend you!
There is even a deviantART group on the site, but I haven't seen any names I recognize.
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My car is dying.
I have discovered that I hate searching for a car. Arrrrgh.
I had one actually *die in a parking lot* while I was on a test drive.
And the dumb part was, the salesrep did not come with me on that test drive.

Hmmm good thing no zombies appeared at that point, or I'd have been TOAST.

How are you?