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I was tagged by GreyOfPTA

1. What is your favorite coffee or coffee flavored thing?  Coffee.  I like pretty dark roasts.

2. What do you take in your coffee (or tea if you prefer)? I do put a little sugar and cream in coffee, but not usually in tea.

3. Do you lean towards the skeptical side when you read about supernatural things or suspend disbelief?
I am a firm Christian, so I believe the Bible, and the supernatural things in the Bible.
But if you tell me you saw a ghost in your house, I'm going to very skeptical.

4. Ever add bacon to anything not typically considered bacon-compatible?
I ate a bacon-chocolate-chip cookie the other day, but it was not as good as I hoped. 
(Also I did not make it myself.)

5. Do you have an emergency plan, go-bag, etc. in case of a disaster?
I probably should, but I do not.

6. Have you ever had to turn down a commission?
Yes, due to time constraints.

7. Have you planned a character's life only to have fan interaction take them in new directions?
Not really.

8. Have you ever had fried Oreos?
Alas, no, though they had them at our fair in August.

9. Do you enjoy hot sauces? If yes, which kind?
I like Tabasco, most versions. I also like "Wizard's Hot Stuff" 
I am biased  by the cool bottle (… )

10. What's your guilty pleasure? Spindrift

I'm not actually tagging anyone.
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Happy Late August

Mon Aug 25, 2014, 9:08 AM
Last week was "County Fair Week" in which I ate some fried things and a lot of shaved ice (For SCIENCE! Ok maybe not for science.).
I also worked in our church's tent on Monday, giving out free water and literature. It was a great week!

I'm doing some online tutorials in HTML, CSS, PHP and SQL/mySQL. 
And not doing much art at the moment.

What are you up to these days?

IADACE, traveller.
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No one wanted to do the meme. It's ok. :)
Um. Hi! 

What's your favorite board game?
I can't pick one but I will give you a list.

Carcassonne [euro tile-based building game], 
Kingsburg [worker placement],
Dominion [the first deck builder, everyone says Thunderstone or Marvel are better, though],
Pandemic [co-op trying to save the world!],
Sentinels of the Multiverse [card based, co-op vs evil villain!],
Smash Up [card based, every man for himself!], \
Forbidden Island [co-op get the artifacts before the island sinks!] and
Small World [attack each other and get area control using a sequence of different armies]
are all very good.
There are loads of other great ones, but those are the first ones I named off the top of my head.
Ticket To Ride is another classic (with about 20 flavors), but I have never really finished a game of it. Have you played it?
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Oh no! I wasn't paying attention and walked right into a meme.

-The first 10 people's avatar commenting in this journal, 
and the three deviations like most from their gallery, 
will be put on the list below!

-If you comment, you have to do the same in your journal, 
putting the tagger (me) and three of my art on the first place.

-The idea of this is not merely to get a free feature, it is 
to spread art around for everyone!

Thanks :icongreyofpta: !

I will pick 3 of his (and not all art of Spin, though his art of Spin is awesome):
So much goofy, goofy win:
 Stereotypes Are FUN! by GreyOfPTA and 
I really like his character Belle. 
I could hardly pick just one, but I had to, so I picked this one because it shows Grey's humor:
Brighteyes Tumblr Response by GreyOfPTA
I have to have ONE of his Spindrift drawings (thank you so much Grey!):
Spindrift is ful of it by GreyOfPTA
But one more just because the man does amazing pumpkin carving:
Celtic Dog Jack O' lantern by GreyOfPTA
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More treatment ahead for my dad. I am not really giving too many details here (nor on Facebook. I just don't like throwing everything out onto the internet).  Times are somewhat frustrating, but God is faithful. I haven't been drawing much lately; I think I am going to try to learn Ruby.
Also, excited that the Naxxramas expansion for Hearthstone comes out today.

How are you all doing?
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Two treatments down, my dad is improving! What a great praise!
And I got to go to Origins Game Fair with :iconbystillwaters: (and her husband) and play a LOT of games, and get on her nerves (sorry JD). Much fun was had, much ice cream was eaten, and many games were bought. I especially bought "What's He Building in There?" a mad-science themed worker-placement game. And "Get Lucky" a pretty standard card game where you try to kill Dr. Lucky. (A successor to the game "Kill Dr. Lucky".)
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Thanks for your prayers. :)
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My family has been hit by some bad health concerns. Please pray for my family.
God is faithful and will never abandon us to go through trials on our own. This is a hope that I can throw myself on in times like this. I don't know what will happen next, but I know that I am not in control and never was. God is infinitely wiser than I am and I pray that I can glorify Him in these frustrating and devastating times. 

Thank you - I do consider dA to be full of friends. :)
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I started the year saying I wanted to get better at drawing, and draw every day, and focus on it. 
I really didn't.
But now I'm thinking maybe I should focus on sculpture.
There are so many instructional DVDs and courses out there that I haven't checked out yet, I think I will work on that for awhile, even though last week I bought a book on botanical illustration thinking I would like to do that.
Did I mention I am scatterbrained?
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I had a good time at OddMall. (A guy dressed as Doctor Fate hugged me for recognizing his costume! Lots of people were in costumes. Why? Because it was just a big celebration of weird cool stuff.)
I didn't sell very much, I didn't even make back the cost of my table. But I had fun.

Since I now have tons of dragons (and jewelry) left over, I will be putting them up on my etsy store - or you can note me!

I am not sure if I will do the next OddMall show, in November. It's possible. :)
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I feel so unprepared.
I will try to take some photos, though.
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Well ok not squeal, exactly. SQL. I'm taking a class in SQL. Back to school when I'm ancient and all that. I need to learn more things to get my career to move forward instead of backward. 

Anyway I am still working on a ton of art for the show in May, though when I say "a ton of art" it is more like "five or six steam dragons" which feels like a ton of art to me, but is really not going to fill my gallery by any stretch. So if you say "That's it? That's not a ton of art." Well, it felt like work to me. ;)

Also I have been watching some anime: "Log Horizon" (which is great) and "Nagi no Asukara" (which is 'why are all these high school students crying and declaring love to each other every five minutes?')
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I'm doing stuff. I will post stuff. 

All of you four people who actually read this, I greet you. :wave:

I should be doing MORE stuff, but I am doing stuff.
Some sculptures are coming, but I haven't done much drawing.
Of course this is precisely because I said this was the year I would focus on drawing.

Also I seem to be playing Hearthstone.  Nycteris#1658 
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Speaking of that show I am going to have in May, are there any pieces in my gallery that you think would make good prints?
I am thinking probably little 4x6 inch or 5x8 inch style prints.
Also if you say "more like  <drawing>" I may try to do more art like whatever <drawing> is.

I have never tried to sell pictures/drawings before and I'm not sure! :excited:
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Happy February!
I have started working on my art skills. The more I look them over, the more I realize I need to work!
I've been very, very inspired by Jerzy Drozd, Chris Oatley, Jake Parker, Ryan Estrada, and Brandon Dayton (they have podcasts and tutorials which have been thoughtful and helpful). 

And I'm finally officially going to be selling stuff at a table at OddMall Ohio.

Anyway I will post stuff, but right now I don't have any stuff.

Also, I'm really enjoying Hearthstone (Open Beta), and DCUO - anyone else play? Let's be friends!
Note: Playing a lot of those games is counterproductive to improving my art skills. *facepalm*
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I just started playing DC Universe Online (because it's all free and stuff) - anyone else play?

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I have no suggestions on how you actually celebrate this, but Spin accepts any and all gifts.
Maybe later today I'll draw some dragons.

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Last year was full of so many things for me, not all of them seemingly good!  But that doesn't mean they weren't beneficial.
I grew in a lot of ways, I think, but probably not all are obvious.
God really did work in my life. I can't wait to see what happens this year!
I'm glad you are my friends, watching your art and reading your comments is a huge blessing.
1) I really am sketching every day this year (easy to say on Day #3) but did not yet spam you with them here. I think I will do a scrap reviewing a week's worth at a time or something like that.
2) Check out this random deviant; her lovely art needs more page views:

3) I am getting a 3Doodler and it should come today...

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Hi there anyone who is reading this!
Look, the lovely :iconwingedsonar: featured me here:…
Go look at her wonderful art, and read her comic!

Also I'm going to try to make an ACTUAL NEW-YEAR'S RESOLUTION to draw something every single day.
But I'm not sure I'm going to post them here.
Should I?
I don't want to spam you, but it would be nice to have accountability partners saying "Hey you didn't draw for a week".
If I do post them all they will probably be mostly in scraps since they aren't "finished art every day" just a sketch (at least).
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UPDATE: Apparently there are not 10 people who look at my journals so why am I even on dA? [Yes, one sort of snide comment is as close as I get to a rant. :giggle: Anyway I'm sure everyone is busy!]
I will just pick some people to feature since ten people do not apparently want me to feature them.

Anyway: FEATURES! :boogie:
I got this from FrothingLizard - look out, it's contagious!

The Rules:
* The first 10 people's avatar commenting this journal, and the three deviations I like most from their gallery, will be put on the list below!
* If you comment, it would be nice if you do the same in your journal, putting the tagger (me) and three of my art on the first place. {I'm not going to make that a requirement, though}
* The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone!

First Frothing :iconfrothinglizard:  
No one appreciates life more... by FrothingLizard  Turn my swag on by FrothingLizard  Norwegian Grave-Digger by FrothingLizard  (also look, she drew Spin!) Art-trade: Nycterisa by FrothingLizard

Then the actual participants:

1) :iconlord-hayati: (Feats of Duct Tape and Jello!)
Phalanx Kit: Spear and Shield by Lord-Hayati  Shield, Sword, and Wand by Lord-Hayati And Minecraft: Aeoia Tavern- Minecraft by Lord-Hayati

2) :iconyukimazan:
Dishonored : Corvo Attano Sprite by Yukimazan Cat Furry Nabihan Drawn in DA Muro by YukimazanFluttershy Human Sprite Trainer by Yukimazan

3) :iconblackholeinajar:

Wow I didn't see this one until now, very cool: 
Steampunk Drawer Handels by BlackHoleInAJar 1Eye - Trainwrecker by BlackHoleInAJar  Black-light Minis 1 by BlackHoleInAJar

4) :icongreyofpta:

I have to put MULTIPLE Spins (also he did my ID image)
Spindrift and Draconis by GreyOfPTA and Spindrift is ful of it by GreyOfPTA 
I had to get one Fanboy in here so I choose this one, 
due to videogame geekiness: Fanboys Crown by GreyOfPTA 
 Ducks Can't Hang From Trees by GreyOfPTA <-- bat and duck!
Attempt To Get Coffee by GreyOfPTA <- coffee!
and one with Belle and a pony. Wait what?!:  Radioactive Horse Question by GreyOfPTA

Fake Participants:

5) :iconzebeckras: Art:
Commission for dcencia by Zebeckras Piggyback by Zebeckras Commission for AgentGigglypuff by Zebeckras

6) :iconziblink: Art:
Australian Blackbird by Ziblink Also far too many delightful stories about my characters (I feel ashamed that she writes my stories when I don't write them myself. Note, this also means her stories may not exactly be canon, though if there is a canon involved I'm sure she brought it.): 
She's evil I tell you
Sweet, sweet syrup
Nycteris put down her spellbook in annoyance. She'd lost her bookmark again! Surely things like this didn't happen to witches in stories. Oh no! They just had to do the eye of newt and stuff. They probbably bought all their potions pre-brewed! whereas her she was, stuck in a dingy basement mixing up spells in an old washtub! Life just wasn't fair.
What was next? What was next? Ah yes, carrots, onion and pepper to season. Or was that the soup she had for lunch? Nope. It was the spell alright. It was thickening nicely and would make either a good chutney or great fertilizer. It had a strange quality to it, like it was made of molten lead. Strange shapes appeared in it briefly, then dissolved. What was reflected within wasn't the room around it.
"It looks like my mother's cooking."
Nycteris glanced up further annoyed; surely real witches didn't have their dark contemplation spoiled with glib interjections like that. On the other hand, real wi
Spellcheck awoke promptly at 7am, one of the benefits of having an internal system clock. Today was a special day, a special day indeed. She had been waiting all week for it to arrive, counting down the days, marking them off on the small calender she kept by her bed. It was a childish thing to do, she knew, but if there was one thing she had learned it was that childhood was to be treasured, maturity was forever after all. She went to the mirror and checked. No change yet... from the back? No... no change there either. Oh well, it was bound to happen sooner rather than later.
She bounced downstairs, quite literally since she had an elastic constitution and boundless energy combined with a virtual weight. Mom was at the table, nursing a large cup of hot coffee. Maybe she was just getting up, maybe she was just heading to bed, it was hard to tell, she didn't keep regular hours. Spellcheck bought up her diary and looked at the phases of the moon... yes, new moon was last night. Mom had p
  Not a finisher
Not a finisher
The small, brown creature poked its way amongst the the oddly shaped glassware are bubbling liquids that filled the room, as they did all the others. This room was unique however, in that it had rather a more... organic feel to it. Instead of pure chemical solutions many of the glass containers harbored formaldehyde and preserved specimens of what looked like the work of a god with simultaneous hiccups and bipolar disorder. There were cages too, containing things that could only be called animals by virtue of the fact that plants and Halloween costumes didn't move about by themselves. They made a variety of distressing and unnatural noises.
Finally the small creature came to the centerpiece of the unholy collection, a rather manic looking individual who, it appeared, was trying to take apart an octopus with a screwdriver. The octopus was having somewhat more success in fighting back and there was ink everywhere.
'Hem hem.'
'Ah! Zigor! Help me with this will you? I

7) :iconfogllama: Art:
Of course implied Spin: 
Going for a spin by fogllama but also: Lighted UFO Pen Holder by fogllama Kemah Boardwalk by fogllama DeviantID by fogllama
8) :iconkarnanyd: Art:
Shanthi by Karnanyd Bermuda by Karnanyd Intensity by Karnanyd

9) :iconsejuay:  Art: 
Summerhill Clock Tower by Sejuay Mischief Awaits by SejuayCustomer Service by Sejuay

10) :iconwingedsonar: Art:
Three-bat Moon by WingedSonar Ducky-Batty Heartwings by WingedSonar  <- Duck and bat!
Spectacled Fruit Bats at Dusk by WingedSonar
and Spin:<da:thumb id="82298434"/> 
11) :iconbystillwaters: Art:

 steampunk hat view2 by Bystillwaters and Spin:Spin action figure - for girls by Bystillwaters 
secret garden by Bystillwaters sheep toppers by Bystillwaters
12) :iconzeta-neubourn: Art:
Misfit Zipperteeth by Zeta-Neubourn Marsh by Zeta-NeubournContrast by Zeta-Neubourn