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Ok last year I said I was going to be posting art for my "Identiflora" project, but it took until this weekend to actually get moving on it. So I guess it could have been worse, but a year? Ugh. I need to self-motivate better. Much better.
Wow sorry I haven't been updating.

I'm also sorry I haven't been making art like I wish I were.
How am I ever going to get better if I don't even practice?
Don't answer that, because the answer is "I won't." I already knew this answer.

So anyway, I feel like I have taken a giant leap backward in my art skills.
I need to do some basic anatomy.
Like, try to remember how many arms humans are supposed to have again?
Today is the day we celebrate Thanksgiving in the USA.
I have a bad headcold today but I still have much to be thankful for.

I don't have any unique Thanksgiving traditions, just the normal ones.
Though today I ran around in a face mask to keep everyone else from getting sick, and it was kind of awkward.
Ok I try to do Inktober every year, and I never succeed at getting an ink drawing done every day of the month. But I sure do more art when I try, than I would do if I didn't even try.
So today is the first day of #inktober2016 and I'm going to try!

Anyone else doing Inktober this year?
I had a birthday!

I am not feeling very well. 

These two things are not related.

Thank you for the birthday wishes!
I had a nice day, I went to Lake Erie and wandered around, and things like that.

I also started playing Skyrim, and feel terrible that you have to kill dragons in it.

How are you?
:icondonpretzel: drew a Spin!

Spindriftus Atlanticus

Spindriftus Atlanticus by DonPretzel

Spin is here in a sort of sea-dragon form based off of this gorgeous Glaucus atlanticus:…

She looks ready to hug and be hugged.
I have been working for two weeks!
So far so good!

Here have a music video.
It has an airship, and a dragon, and goggles.

I start my new job on Monday.

I'm hyped and excited and nervous.

There is so much I need to learn about everything! I don't even mean this in a work-related way, I just mean this in a "Hey I want to learn more about everything" sort of way. I don't know why I feel so keyed up about this right now. But I feel very motivated. Probably because I had too much coffee. But I'm already [age] and I want to be more than I am right now. Hopefully I do not sound selfish and me-focused, when I say this, I just don't want to do nothing and waste my time.
Hey unrelated thing, I'm Nycteris on Twitter if you want to follow me. 
DocGestalt also has her own Twitter account. I should draw her more.
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I am at a place today called Launch House, with a meetup where everyone is working on developing their own computer games. I always thought it was funny that "almost everyone I know" wants to make a computer game. I don't necessarily want to make one, but it seems like a great way to learn/improve computer programming skills, so this morning I am doing some Unity 3D tutorials.
I took the job. I am now going to be a junior software engineer.
It is not my dream job (I am not sure I have a dream job, so there you go!).
But I am excited, and it is a job in my new career.
It's a 4 month "contract to hire" and I definitely plan to keep looking.
But I like to have a job while I look!

The encouraging thing is, I had been looking for a job in my previous field for 2+ years (while holding my last job). And immediately found a job in my new field.
So the new field sounds like it was a wise choice. Thanks for the kind words.
Like I said, God is good. I have seen His hand at work in a lot of little ways.
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Friday was officially the last day of code bootcamp.
Monday (today) is Memorial day, a holiday.
Tuesday is my first job interview, at a place I am not very enthusiastic about (because the recruiter was terrible and pushy). June 10th is the career fair.

I tried very hard to fill out an application for another job, and they asked for code samples of things I just could not do. I have never felt so stupid in my life. I can't answer the questions to be come an entry level junior.

I am excited to see how wrong I am about myself. I hope? I am excited about the fact that I'm going to go out there and find an awesome job of my dreams that will make the last 18 years at my crummy last job fade away into insignificance, because the new job is going to be so awesome.

I need to update my resume, update my code portfolio, work on my passion project (that's the plant thing), and find a way to get my seed data into my database (for the passion project). Maybe deploy a web site, maybe try again to fill out that job form that I could not fill out. Print 50 copies of my resume, once I have it updated. Maybe buy some business cards. Also update the information for my health care.

I think I need to make some lists...

God is good, and I sure hope He has something neat in store next for my life, because right now I do not feel very good. I know life is not about how I feel, though!
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This is a lie. Most things aren't terrible, insert election joke, but I am just having a terrifying day because I am nearing the end of code bootcamp and still feel very unprepared for "doing this for a living", and am not convinced I will find a job immediately.

How are you? :)
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I was tagged by :iconwingedsonar: !

Five Questions for All of You
1. What's the worst job you've ever had?
2. Do you create art or do something art-related where you work?
3. What's your ideal medium to create in, and do you use it now?
4. Tea or Coffee?
5. Where do you feel would be your ideal environment to create in?

1. Making elephant ears at the county fair. Hot and greasy and stressful.
2. No I don't do art where I work. Actually I don't have a job right now.
3. I guess I like pencil and paper best, but for "art I am going to sell" that's almost always polymer clay. I am not ever satisfied with my sketches!
4. How do I pick? I drink both almost every day. I guess I would say tea due to the variety, but I drink both all the time, sometimes at once.
5. I usually create just by myself in my house, but having access to all my stuff in a workshop environment where other people were around at other tables/desks creating, sounds like it might be fun (or just distracting).
I am finally getting started on the plant identification app I had been planning to make.
I want to do all the plant ID drawing myself so I hope to put a bunch of art up here.
So far I am still picking which plants to add to the identification program.
It's going to start small (the "minimal viable product"), so it won't have many plants yet.
I think it will only ID plants (i.e. weeds/wildflowers) in a backyard in my area of Ohio.
But I can always expand it later.

Anyway studying C# is pretty hard for a tired old brain like mine.
I have next week off for spring break, but I am going to drive up to the college
(along with a lot of the other students) and study there anyway! I need all the help I can get!

Happy Easter! This is an awesome time of year to remember how Jesus Christ,
God's son, fully God and fully human, lived a holy sinless life and died in my place (and yours),
for all the wrongs that I have done and thought and spoken - I could never repay that debt. 
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...write a journal entry.

I am tired of staring at C# so I am writing a journal entry.
But.. apart from not wanting to do homework, I have no content.
This does not usually stop me.

Let's see... oh there is one thing.

Today I looked in my mirror to check my hair and HIT SOMETHING snapping off my passenger side rear-view mirror.
It did no other damage to my car, and I'm not 100% sure what I hit. I think it was merely a trash can, since they were all at the curb today.

That was an expensive error for someone with no income. But I am not injured, and the other 97% of the car is not injured.

Happy St. Patrick's day?
I wore a green shirt. That was the extent of my participation. I am neither Irish nor Catholic.
But Cleveland was so torn up with celebration, they closed my school and asked us to code from home today.

Also go look at :iconk-zlovetch: 's gallery and +fave it all, if you haven't yet.
Or at least most of it.
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I officially begin school full time (as in, I quit my job of 18 years..) on February 29.
I'm terrified but excited and hopeful.
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I'm strongly considering taking a code bootcamp (3 month intensive school to learn how to develop web pages).
It would mean quitting the job I have now.
So please pray for me as I consider this.
I've been trying to self-study for most of a year, but I don't have the discipline
to teach it to myself and really need a school.
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It's December! No wait, it's more-than-half-over-December. 
I am still trying to study JavaScript but I've certainly slowed down in order to prepare for Christmas.
I have also been considering another odd-ball career called "scopistry".

How are you doing?
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Ok so I totally failed at Inktober. But I do have several pieces I didn't finish in time, that I will be posting. Go me. :crying:

Also, be careful with your bottles of acid:
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